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"Sportimpex " company, founded in 1990. is specialized for complete equipping of school preschool institutions. In 2009. "Sportimpex" furnished 12 elementary and 3 medical schools. In 2010. eighteen school-sports halls in Macedonia were equipped by our company. In 2011. we did complete furnishing of Business school in Leskovac, elementary school in Bar, Technical high school in Lapovo, Electrical and Civil Engineering school "Nikola Tesla" in Jagodina.


"Sport Impex" is regional leader in this area and we also have export activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro. Our company has complete school and preschool furniture production capacity and also for production of sports equipment and props for sport halls and grounds. Therefore, we are very competitive when it comes to prices and and delivery time. Our production hall is in Železnik in Svete Milutinovića 2 street and our main office and showroom are in Banovo Brdo in Požeška 148a street.


  • Zip Code: 11 030

  • Address: Požeška 148a

  • Country:Serbia

  • Tel: +381 11 7553-373

  • Fax: +381 11 3058-441

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